At SUN Academy, the students have a quality day everyday through integrated curriculum approach.

SUN Academy focuses on exploration and enhancement of the students’ creativity, critical thinking and problem solving potentials. Our curriculum is based on various activities and requires each student to develop cognitive, affective and psychomotorskills as well as demonstrate creativity by participating in drama, art, music and numerous other co-curriculum activities. Along with this, they follow their academic pursuits, cultural values, norms and social environment.

Personal and Social Development

  • We train students to follow the rules.
  • We encourage children to develop confidence, work in pairs, groups, play together in team and share while playing.
  • We promote the development of good behavior and manners


  • We encourage children to speak clearly and become good listeners.
  • Special emphasis is given to speaking in English with correct pronunciation
  • We create opportunities for children to join in with stories, poems, rhymes, songs and role playing.

Language Development

  • As modern medical research has shown, a child up to the age of 5 years has a tendency to become multilingual (by easily learning up to 5 languages). In order to build such linguistic skills in students, we plan to teach the following four languages at SUN Academy: English, Urdu, Sindhi and Arabic

Physical Development

Special emphasis is placed on physical development of the children by:

  • Learning and enjoying games.
  • Promoting fun-filled physical activities; students are encouraged to fully utilize playground equipment.
  • Outdoor creative activities are encouraged through toys,water games and sand areas.

Parental Involvement

The school encourages involvement of parents or guardians at each stage of the student's learning process-in both curricular and co-curricular activities. In this way, teachers work with parents to build the student's strengths and abilities to overcome any learning barriers.

The school supports, the P.T.A . to introduce a fund-raising program so that the parents are motivated to participate in school activities.

Green Curriculum

The future of our students and all life on earth depends on us.

Our Green Curriculum ensures that students are capable of taking 21st century

Century challenges of global warming and climate change. Green curriculum means being open to Nature. At the academy our students step out of their classrooms, to learn from the plantation around them.