School Policies And Procedure

Every year, SUN Academy enrolls children for vacant seats at all levels .This is done after proper assessment and verification. In all cases, merit is the sole criterion for admission.

The decision of the School Management is final and cannot be changed under any circumstances.

Admission Criteria

SUN Academy follows two types of admission schemes

1. Regular Scheme
2. Self-Financing Scheme

Regular Scheme

  • Sun Academy follows the principle of accepting students from the "Catchment Area" only (within 2 miles radius).
  • Children of parents from low income groups are considered for admission.
  • In Regular scheme, admission is given only in KG-I.
  • SUN Academy charges nominal admission and monthly tuition fee, from parents of regular students.(This token fee, gives parents the confidence that they are contributing to their child's education).
  • Uniforms ,shoes and textbooks are provided free of cost at the time of admission to Kindergarten children only.

Self-Finance Scheme

  • SUN Academy offers Self-Finance Scheme for those who can afford the full expenses of their child's education and want to them to have high quality education.
  • Parents/guardians of Self-finance students have to bear the educational expenses of their children. Fee concession shall not be granted.
  • Once the child is admitted in Self-Finance scheme, he/she cannot be transferred to the Regular scheme.
  • Admission are given to Self-Finance students in all classes, including Pre-K. This is done after they pass the entrance test.

Admission Process ( for both schemes)

  • Age bracket for Pre-K (2 years and six months to 3 years six months)
  • Age bracket for KG-I (3 years and six months to 4 years six months)
  • Age bracket for KG-II (4 years and six months to 5 years and six months)

Child's Assessment

  • Oral and personality assessment for Pre- Kindergarten.
  • Written, oral and personality assessment test for KG I & II.


  • The child and parents are interviewed to assess their compatibility with SUN Academy's learning methods.
  • Acquaintance with the child's family helps us to enhance the teacher’s understanding of the specific needs of a child.
  • After the interview, a merit list is placed on the given date, parents are informed by telephone or through mail about the selection status of their child.

Documents required for admission

  • Birth certificate (from NADRA)
  • 4 recent photographs of the child
  • Form-B (from NADRA)
  • CNIC copy of parents/guardians
  • Copies of 3 months utility bills(electricity, gas and telephone)( for Regular scheme students only)
  • Affidavit ( for Regular Scheme students )
  • Employment card of father/guardian.
  • School leaving certificate from last school attended (from class II onwards)
  • Medical certificate (in case of any medical problem)
  • Proof of Residence (ownership or rental agreement)

Fee Payment

  • Admission will only be confirmed after the full payment of admission fee package on the given date .(non-refundable)
  • Admission will be cancelled if the fee is not paid on the given schedule .
  • Fees must be paid directly into the approved school bank account mentioned in the Fee slip, by the 10th of each month.
  • The photocopy of the bank receipt must be produced the next day to avoid the child's name from appearing in the defaulters' list.
  • If the tuition fee remains unpaid for a month the child will have to be withdrawn from class. In case of two or more months' default, the child is liable to be removed from the school rolls. The re-admission, if granted, will be on payment of re-admission fee.
  • The dues for the summer vacation are to be paid every year in advance during the months of January and February
  • No certificate, assessment book or any other official document will be issued to a student, while withdrawing from or leaving the school unless all dues are cleared.