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Trustee's Message

Engr. Muhammed Ahson Khan
(Trustee For The Society of Unwell and Needy)

First and foremost it is a privilege to be a trustee of one of the well-known schools in Karachi, educating more than 1000 students.

The SUN Academy was initiated with high standards and now, the effort required would be to raise it to further heights. If there are forces behind to support us, it will certainly be possible. Central to this vision is the drive and determination to ensure that everyone maximizes their potential and performance in all strands of school activities.

Through outstanding teaching and the constant reinforcement of the core values, we can fully prepare our students for adult life. We need to enable them to practice and develop leadership qualities, to be motivated, confident and creative independent learners and most importantly understand the value of being respectful and tolerant citizens.

The challenges are wide, and to overcome that, I have the highest expectations from the staff, parents, the community, fellow executive committee members and the student body. It is a matter of working as a Team aiming for "Excellence" in whatever we do.

I hope that these visions are not to be held alone, it is indeed to be shared and we need to prove that with “Unity” the greatest strength, darkness of ignorance can be wiped out, enlightening every single soul…….

I would like to pay tribute to Managing Trustee for "The Society of the Unwell and Needy", Mr Tariq Mir and Trustee SUN Academy Madam Rafia Khan. They have dedicated their valuable time and helped from the beginning in making what SUN Academy is today - an exceptional institute.

I also appreciate the dedication and hard work of our entire Admin, Ancillary and Academic staff under the guidance of our Head Teacher in the smooth running of the school.